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The Beauty of Renting Movies Online

If you are one of the thousands of people who regularly rent out DVD’s to watch at home, why not give online rentals a go? It works out a lot cheaper, as there isn’t just the hire price to take into consideration, but also the gas consumption.

The price of the rentals and the gas combined over several months’ amounts to a huge amount of cash that you’re parting with. I think we’d all get a shock if we could work it our exactly.

Online rentals are great for not just saving money, but also convenience as they are delivered to you. Once watched I drop it back in the mailbox and wait for the next one to arrive. I also like the fact hat I know what I’m spending each month.

If you are still unsure, get online and sign up for a free trial, seriously, you’d wish you had always hired movies this way! I watch more movies in a fortnight now than I did in a month before. What I used to spend no 2 rentals is now a full month’s subscription, and with on gas I’m saving a fortune.

We all want to see the latest releases and getting to the store to find that he last copy has just gone out is infuriating. These days are long gone for me now.

The convenience of movies off my list just dropping through the door is second to none. I’m not even bothered if I have to send some back that I haven’t had time to watch, as they are so cheap. Gone are the days when your plans go haywire and you are left with a window of a couple of hours that you have to watch the movie in before you return it.

Do I remember my trips to the store with fondness? No way!

Why Free Stuff Is the Future of Business!

Okay, let’s think outside of the box and look forward into the not too distant future…

Imagine in your wildest dreams movies at the theater… totally FREE.

No tricks, no scams, no “I gotcha” but absolutely 100% no catch FREE.

This very scenario is presently under consideration. In exchange for free movies – you will be charged a lot more for concessions. Ouch!

There’s the catch, in fact, the last time I attended a movie I could have sworn it has already started – considering the high cost at the concession stand.

Talking about a real game changer…This could have a major impact on the movie business as we know it today.

The term “FREE” is no longer a marketing gimmick used to draw you into some fancy deal. Free is a stand along business tool that is being widely used more and more each day.

For example, GOOGLE, I think you know that Powerhouse.

Take a look at them closely and one thing you will notice, almost EVERYTHING they do – is FREE. This did not just happen and is in no way an accident.

Google is worth billions; certainly they did not gain these riches by merely giving stuff away! Or did they? Here’s how it’s done, consumers funnel in for free – and once in, they are then introduced to a wide selection of paid services (AdWords is the example extraordinaire).

As you continue in your internet marketing business, giving away FREE stuff, and I mean really FREE, quality products/services that people can use and want to receive is a strategy that you should incorporate immediately into your business.

If you are a tight wad or a cheap-skate giving something away FREE will probably be very difficult for you to do.

How can you overcome this trait? Stop looking at the money you think you will lose if you give your merchandise away and imagine how satisfied your customers will be when they click on their mouse and find a quality FREE product in their inbox with no strings attached.

Guess what? The next time they click on your website and see a product/service you are offering, they will be more willing to buy from you – you have proven to be someone they trust and they know the quality of your merchandise.

Now you have created a list of loyal fans who you can market to over and over again.

You must continue to periodically offer FREE stuff and various incentives, when you do, watch your sales grow as you continue to market the FREE side of internet marketing.

If you are under the impression that giving away quality products/services thing for free will take you longer to make money online, well that is probably true.

The old adage “it takes money to make money” is not far for the truth.

Let’s turn it around and say “it takes giving something away to get something back in return.”

The FREE strategy does work if you work it.

Yes you can sell online immediately; many entrepreneurs only use the immediate sale tactics. However, if you really want to be successful in the long run, giving something of value away FREE is the new kid on the block and is the way to grow your internet marketing business as we enter the 2nd decade of the 21st century.

Free is the future – jump on the bandwagon while the “iron is hot.”

Offering free merchandise creates an open door to up-sell related products/services, you have captured your customer’s attention, gained their trust and shown that you care about the quality of what you give away.

Go out and give something away FREE!

Freebies, Samples, and Other Free Stuff Online – Legit Or Scam?

Believe it or not, there are “freebies” online that are, well — free.

Of course while the offers are legitimate, an individual may have to invest some time and patience to get some of the free things available online. But someone willing to give up a little time filling out forms rather than watching television can make money without having to spend it first.

Want to know the secret of success when it comes to getting freebies online? Consider these nuggets of advice:

  • Be willing to invest the time that it takes to complete online forms. If it leads to something of monetary value, the effort is well worth it. And, as already mentioned, taking the time to gain products that can help with the family budget is far more important than sitting around watching a movie you’ve already seen several times.
  • Be willing to listen. Receiving some free products often involves listening to a sales talk and may even result in subsequent sales pitches. The spiels may be boring, rehearsed and even insulting, but if this is all it takes for a free vacation, then it’s time well-spent. Remember, you could be earning money for a vacation by working in an office where you’re forced to endure a lecture by an abusive boss.
  • Be patient and honest. While most online forms may only ask for an individual’s name, address, telephone number, etc., others may be more lengthy and ask those completing them to include information about their buying habits, how frequently they visit certain stores, which products they use most and in what amount and other information. This is done to help companies learn about not only learn about which products are most favored by consumers, but which demographics (sex, age, nationality, etc.). Providing such information may be time consuming but it doesn’t require sharing any information that is really that personal and can be well worth it in terms of free items that individuals receive as a result of their participation.
  • The only downside of applying for free samples online is the threat of junk mail and spammers. But relief is possible. The first thing to remember is to never give out your primary email address. Numerous email programs such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Google, and others allow users to create free email accounts and these are perfect for getting free stuff online. The legitimate companies need the email so they can send offers about their products, but there is also the danger that spammers may also see the email address. Avoid the problem by creating an alternate email address that is used when applying for free stuff online. Of course, spam may still come to the alternate address, but it will keep you from having to wade through it when reading email from family, friends, and business associates that are sent on your legitimate account.

The free stuff is out there and waiting for consumers who take the time to ask for it by completing forms found on different web sites. All it takes is a little patience, understanding of the process and knowing what to avoid.