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How to Attend a Movie Premiere

Ever wanted to rub shoulders with celebrities such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan? Did you know that tickets for most movie premieres are often free and available to the general public? Many people have heard about movie screenings or see celebrity snapshots from the red carpet in fashion magazines. However, the quest to attend one of these events often remains a mystery. Here are six VIP tips to ensure you find tickets and seats inside world premieres and advance movie screenings.

1- Know where to look.

Movie screening locations will be advertised in the entertainment section of local newspapers or online. Newspaper ads will require you to RSVP to an email or pick up the tickets from a physical location. Online movie screening recruitment companies such as Movie Filler provide information, news and a movie screening locator about free movie tickets to screenings and movie premieres.

2- Check back frequently.

If you thought discount airline tickets were tough to get your hands on, wait until trying to get movie screening tickets. Although tickets are generally free, they have a tendency to sell out quickly. Checking websites that distribute screening tickets on a regular basis provides a higher chance of reserving a ticket. In addition, make sure to sign up for any electronic newsletters to keep informed as new screenings are posted.

3- Update personal information.

Make sure any personal information you provide is updated and correct. Tickets are often distributed based on specific demographic. Having your information correct will increase your chances for getting invited to world premiers and movie screenings you would actually want to attend.

4- Plan to arrive early.

Movie premieres and screenings are often overbooked to ensure that the theater is full. Those that arrive early will have the best chance to get available seating inside the theater. A general rule of thumb is to arrive around 60 minutes before a movie screening and at least 120 minutes before a movie premiere.

5- Leave camera phones in the car.

When it comes to piracy, studios take no chances. Recording devices will not be allowed into movie screenings. There will usually be several security officers performing a search as you enter the event. If you have a camera phone, they will ask you to return it to your car. Avoid losing your place in line and make sure to leave it in your vehicle.

6- Prepare your review.

Audience interviews won’t happen at every screening. However, if you see a film crew, be assertive and volunteer to be interviewed. Remember to be as descriptive as possible when describing your thoughts about the movie and steer away from one-word answers. After the shoot, monitor online video sites like YouTube and MySpace Videos, then brag to your friends.

Who Has the Best Online DVD Rental?

Today, more households than ever before are deciding they want to rent a movie online instead of going to the store down the street. The bottom line is that it’s more convenient for many different reasons, but even so, which of these companies offers the best online DVD rental service?

The two leaders in this industry are Netflix and Blockbuster, and it’s important to take a step back and put forth an honest DVD rental comparison between these two massive companies. Is one really better than the other, and how can you make a sound decision?

The truth is that neither company is the perfect solution for everybody who wants to rent a movie online. They each have their own strengths and advantages, as well as potential drawbacks when compared to the other. So instead of providing a direct DVD rental comparison between the two, you should first figure out what benefits you should really be looking for.

1. Cheap Prices – Of course you don’t want to spend a lot of money for your monthly plan. Therefore you need to make a choice based on which plans are the cheapest, and how many movies you’ll want to watch at once. You also need to figure out, do they charge more for any services? Do they include Blu-Rays in their packages?

2. Quick Delivery – It’s great to have unlimited monthly rentals, but if you’re always waiting by the mailbox instead of relaxing by the sofa because you’re next movie hasn’t arrived yet, what’s the point? While a DVD rental comparison will tell you that most companies are equal, you can certainly experience differences based upon where you live.

3. Free Trials – What better way to find out for yourself if you like a company than to rent a movie online from them for free? Check to see if the company you’re interested in is offering a free trial, and if there are any strings attached to that claim.

4. Movie Selection – One of the main benefits of online DVD rental sites is being able to choose from a massive movie and television show selection that wouldn’t be possible to hold in a store. In addition to selection, you also want a company that carries lots of all of the major titles, so you never have to wait around for your next movie.

5. Additional Features – The best online DVD rental service is going to do much more than just ship your movies to you. There are many other potential benefits and services you should be looking for. Can you rate movies and receive recommendations from those ratings? Can you stream movies online instantly? Can you return the movies to a store if they have any around?

The best online DVD rental service for one person won’t be the same as the next. Think about which of the above benefits matters to you most when it’s your turn to rent a movie online, and then compare the available plans to see what makes the most.

DVD Movie Rentals – Advantages of Online Movie Rentals

You don’t have to wait in line or leave your home to rent DVD movies online. You can take as much time as you want browsing online databases for movies and films of interest. You can do everything from the privacy of your home or from anywhere as long as you have access to a computer and an internet connection. After you’ve selected the movies that you want to rent, you just click a button and the DVDs are sent to your home for you to view and enjoy. After you’re done with them, you simply return them to the movie rental service via a prepaid mailer.

Compared to renting from a shop offline, online DVD movie rentals are far much cheaper. You’ll get better prices and you can easily compare different services using an online shopping comparison search engine. This can save you money as well as help you get a service that best suits your needs. Some rental shops have online versions where they offer web only prices. You would have to sign up from their website in order to benefit from the cheaper prices being offered.

Another advantage is convenience. With internet rentals, you don’t need to go out to the store to get your favorite movies. Just logon to their site and browse and select titles online from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere. The movies you select are posted to you for free and you can return them by post for free too.

Most online movie rentals services don’t charge any late fees or set due dates. You can keep them as long as you want! They don’t impose any dates by which you have to return the DVD’s that you take out. This means also that there are not late return charges. Watch your DVD’s without fear of a charge for returning them late.

Another great benefit using an online DVD rental service is that you get a much wider and larger selection of movie titles to choose from. Some sites have collections upwards of 100, 000 titles so there’s definitely more movie titles to choose from on the internet than from your local shop. This means you will have a better chance of finding those rare to get movies and films.

Probably one of the best things about online rentals is the fact that almost all the services offer a completely Risk Free Trial period for new members. They will let you try their service before you join and it will cost you absolutely nothing.